Sunday, May 11, 2014

Racism within India...

We all are trying to fit in somewhere..Trying to be portrayed as cool, having the so-called cool quotient.
The latest fad is to be seen around foreign expats in India. Its kinda cool if you have some firang friends or a firang girlfriend or a boyfriend! Funniest part is, its the educated, well-exposed Indians who are practising it. They find their fellow Indians uncool and boring.
The men who have studied and lived abroad, think of Indian girls brought-up in India to be conservative and boring.Unless, they try to practise the same values as their foreign/white counterparts.These men behave like lapdogs in front of them. And its not only the case with the men, its the same with the women in India. When we travel abroad its so hard for us Indians to even become remotely acquainted and mingle with the people living there. Not that I am blaming people living in other countries. My only contention is that why this bias towards your fellow countrymen. Why such racism?! We are brought up with certain values which are totally indigenous to our wonderful country and this is what sets us apart. Our culture, our humility, our values!
Its wonderful to appreciate other cultures, other values, being hospitable, being friendly to people from other countries/cultures but not at the cost of our own inherent values, our culture, our people!
How does it set us apart from the uneducated Indians giving weightage to foreign tourists, running after them, shopkeepers entertaining a foreigner instead of an Indian, especially if they are white skin?
We all are guilty of this, at sometime, somewhere! 

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