Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Concept of Friendship

All through my life I have loved being with friends and striven to form valuable friendships...The need for friends arises because of the society as well as because we are social beings. For me, it was more about doing things which I could not do alone...Sounds selfish, yes it does. Although I began on a selfish note after a lot of years of striving to form friendships I have come to realize the real meaning of having friends. Friends who are true to you and there for you in your time of need and with whom you can share so much.. Makes your life worth living!
The concept of friendship is very complicated.We meet a lot of people during our lifetime and form friendships with them. Some stay on and some move on. Nevertheless, all of them teach some lesson or the other. They give you the greatest lessons in life...especially with regard to who to trust and who not to trust.

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