Friday, February 24, 2012

Learning to Accept Oneself

Its been a long, hard Battle with myself.... Hating myself to the core...Suffering in return.. Never realizing its so important to accept myself with all its beauty and ugliness.. Learning to embrace myself no matter what, was the toughest task in my life... But I learnt!! Still learning... Learning that its Ok to make mistakes, its Ok to make a fool of myself, its Ok to fall in love with someone who doesn't love you back, its Ok to feel anger and hatred, its Ok to scream out and feel intense hatred and then letting go...I have learnt all of that....Life is tough but it was never promised otherwise... There are moments when the going gets tough, when the tears come with just a slight provocation, then there are moments of intense joy and light-heartedness.. Life is all about that and more...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bring your best possibilities to life.

You are right where you should be at this moment. Now it is time to move on to what is next.
Whether your life up to this point has been easy or whether it has been difficult, you are here just the same. And your destiny does not care about your past.
There are plenty of reasons why you find yourself here at this time. What matter much more, though, are the reasons you now have for moving forward.
As good as they have been, your triumphs of the past are now little more than pleasant memories. As painful as they once were, your past failures are now behind you.
Do you realize how completely free you are at this very moment? Do you understand that the main thing holding you back is your belief that something is holding you back?
Today is your opportunity to fully taste that freedom and to finally get beyond the limits you've imposed on yourself. Reach inside, touch your most compelling purpose, and bring your best possibilities to life.
-- Ralph Marston