Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When the Going Gets Tough....

I read the below insights from one of the Spiritual  Blogs and they got me thinking. We sometimes tend to reflect on what went wrong and blame ourselves and the situation for the mishappenings. Its wrong b'coz things just happen. Maybe our decision could be wrong at that point of time but the right thing would be to not to ponder too much and move on for a better day and with the lessons learnt.
1. Look at life as a journey and enjoy the ride. Get the most out of the detours and realize they're sometimes necessary.
2. Do your best, but if what you're doing has caused you discouragement, try a different approach. Be passionate about the process, but don't be so attached to the outcome.
3. Wish the best for everyone, with no personal strings attached. Applaud someone else's win as much as you would your own.
4. Trust that there's a divine plan, that we don't always know what's best for us. A disappointment now could mean a victory later, so don't be disappointed. There is usually a reason.
5. Ask no more of yourself than the best that you can do, and be satisfied with that. Be compassionate towards yourself as well as others. Know your calling, your gift, and do it well.
6. Don't worry about something after it's done; it's out of your hands then, too late, over! Learn the lesson and move on.
7. Have the attitude that no one, except you, owes you anything. Give without expecting a thank-you in return. But when someone does something for you, be appreciative of even the smallest gesture.
8. Choose your thoughts or your thoughts will choose you; they will free you or keep you bound. Educate your spirit and give it authority over your feelings.
9. Judge no one, and disappointment and forgiveness won't be an issue. No one can let you down if you're not leaning on them. People can't hurt you unless you allow them to.
10. Love anyway. . . for no reason. . . and give. . .for no reason.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For the Matrimonial Purposes by Kavita Daswani

I bought this book for a steal from PVR Saket complex. The steal would be Rs.50/- Can you believe that?!!

Initially I was a bit reluctant but then thought, What the Heck? Its not always you read Intelligent Books, right!
But this book seemed to really intrigue me so much, I finished it in a day... It was like a few pages of my life have been taken and put together in the book.
I am 32 and the Marriage Sword has been hanging over my neck since I turned 27, though if Dad had his way I would have been married off by 20. Anyway, reading this book actually made me feel a lot better about myself. I also realized how sometimes the pressure makes us get into unhealthy relationships and also accepting bad behavior of prospective matches because we have to get married. The idea is, when you find one with all the requisites, please hold on to him in spite of Bad Behaviour .
We women forget who we are and what we are all about. We sometimes just stop enjoying ourselves and getting married becomes the most important aim in life. People feel Sorry for you because you are not Married by the time you hit 30. Is a relationship and marriage a number's game??? Isn't it important to feel good about a relationship and enjoy it and then get married when it feels right? Why all this pressure?
 In fact, I am sort of a late bloomer. I feel more confident and beautiful and sure about myself than I was when I was in my twenties. I am getting the opportunities to be what I want to be and enjoy myself right now. Should I let it go and worry about why I am not finding the right Partner?
I don't think so...