Friday, October 21, 2011

My Passions-Travel and Photography

This is just a beginning to Blog about the things I love to do and experience. This is to bring a lot more of me across including my views on a number of topics.

But to begin with, I would like to start with my current passions-Traveling and Photography.. Though I won't say they are current, they were just dormant...
I have actually done a lot of traveling since the year 2008 and still further plans are on to travel to further destinations. I know there are people who travel much more than I do but I do feel I have traveled a lot and experienced so much. Travel gives me an opportunity to try and experience different cuisines, cultures, architecture, people and also to rediscover myself. There is a bit of a mystic and a vagabond within me I guess which helps to push my boundaries further.
Well Photography has given my life a totally new dimension. Though I am not a professional one but I do have an eye for things which are unusual as well as aesthetic. This maybe due to the fact I always loved to sketch  and paint. Hence I look at things with the artist's eyes.

Will be posting my pics sooner.

I really want to write more about my travels, pictures, experiences, etc... Will also be coming out with the titbits about some of the things I experienced during my travels.. So there is more to come :)


  1. Superb! Waiting for the pictures with bated breath...Padharo mare desh :D

  2. You know, this is a long time after I read a blog (by mistake that too). I started reading, and I read the whole thing from top to bottom :D

    And even though I don't know anything else except your first name, now I feel I know you quite well for I've heard so many of your deepest thoughts..

    Keep writing :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by and your encouraging words :)