Sunday, April 14, 2013

l'amour est éternel

Love is Eternal........Its Everlasting...! We were all born to love. Love gives immense pain and joy. We all seek it throughout our lives. Its the essence of the soul. Everyone wants it, some are afraid to feel it. Being in love is the greatest feeling on this earth and yet we are saddened when its unrequited. We hurt each other in the name of Love.

Here is a poem by Christopher Setturland

 Love is eternal. Though the body is not, the spirit is willing. Love is eternal. Not just a hug and a kiss, love is a deep ocean for the people we miss. Love is eternal. Behind the eyes, in between mind and soul, so sacred a place where it lies. Love is eternal. A moment or an eon, time is no restraint, that love you feel lasts forever. Love is eternal. Everyone wants it, some are afraid to feel it, just comes down to trust and faith that it will find a way. Love is eternal. Through the light of heaven it still shows, so pure, so deep, this emotion, straight through the heart it goes.
Love is the beginning and the end, a birth and death intertwined as a maze called life. Love is courage, the bravery to open those locked doors, to hold on to those moments like never before. Love is fighting, not a war, but for every second more, every single instant worth fighting for. Love is saying no in the face of death. a sacrifice of all you have for that someone’s happiness.
It’s in each sunset, the colors so vivid and beautiful, in every star that dots the night sky. It’s in the first smile, first 20 words of a child, first kisses, all of the euphoric highs and near misses. It’s in us all when we think of you, so strong and deep it can only be true. We’ll remember that love and give thanks at each new day, to the sunrise we know you help show on its way.
Love is eternal, though the body may bend, when from here we go the love does not end. Love is eternal, though breath may cease, love is the one thing, the one part we do not release. Love is eternal, from all of us to you, no matter when or where, always know we will feel it then too.
Love is eternal...

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