Sunday, January 8, 2012


Its funny how certain people who mattered in your life a few months back, totally become obsolete in your life. This is probably because of the following reasons:
1.We sometimes discover certain sides of them which were unseen before.
2. We change our outlook in life.
3. Circumstances change.
4. We also sometimes realise they were not what they seemed to be.
5. They sometimes don't meet our expectations.

What I have realized is that Life changes and we need to flow with life. Holding on to people only gives more misery than happiness. Relationships or people are not always forever and we need to remember that and approach each day as a new day and with a mindset that people and circumstances will change..And we should be prepared for the Inevitable. I am still trying and I know I still have a Long way to go..


  1. This is so true. Although I'd like to add one point - 6. Other people replace them!